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When someone is looking for an automotive repair shop, they are really looking for two things; one, a business that has the experience and expertise to do the repair correctly the very first time and, two, a business who will charge fairly.  We don’t want someone to take advantage of our lack of knowledge or any other excuse.  We want someone we can trust.

At Affinity Automotive, we are family owned and operated.  Our goal is to provide quality automotive care in an honest, professional manner.  Kelvin Noel has over 21 years experience and is ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified.  But more than all of the accolades is our commitment to excellence.  We promise that we will address your car issue as if you were part of our family.  That’s why we will never over charge.  We are not looking to see how many new customers we can get into the doors.  We are looking to do the job correctly, the very first time and build our level of trust so that we become “your” car repair shop.  If that is your goal as well, welcome to the family.

At Affinity Automotive we employ today’s latest automotive technology and are equipped to handle all major and minor repairs on foreign and domestic vehicles.  In addition, our technicians receive on going training.  Come by and visit our clean and professional shop in Orlando.

While you wait in our well appointed guest area, enjoy free wi-fi & TV.  Please sit at our comfortable tables positioned throughout.  If you do not have time to wait, we will be happy to take you back to work or you can rent a vehicle at our customer’s low special rate.  We know what a hassle car issues can be.  We want to smooth out the bumps that this inconvenience may have caused.

“Great place to get your car fixed. Nice people, very reasonable and they do great work. No shenanigans either. I recommend.”
– Mike Brandon

“If you need to get your car fixed I highly recommend these guys. Very very reasonable.”
– Denise Ishle

Have bought and referred friends/family to Kelvin for years based on his operations, repairs and world-class customer service. As long as I am in the Orlando Area, I will always purchase a vehicle from Affinity Automotive, period!
– Will Manuel


I was planning to purchase a used car on new years eve. I was in search of a mechanic that was open during the time, and came across affinity automotive after looking for a nearby reputable shop. I asked kelvin to see if he had time to perform a full inspection. He was planning to close early, but was kind enough to take out the time to stay as late as it took to do a well detailed inspection. There are two inspections offered – a quick one ($50) and a full inspection ($100), i paid for the full inspection. I was not on site for the inspection, so kelvin actually used an app to start a video conference with me so i could see everything that was inspected. He even showed me how the car handled during the test drive with the video car. I also received a detailed report listing the work that needed to be done on the car, and what was in good condition. He and his mechanic went above and beyond what i was looking for. I will do business with him again and I highly recommend the shop for any pre-purchase inspections you need.
– Michael McKinney


Affinity Automotive is what I call a community business. The owner of Affinity Automotive goes beyond the call of duty to assist their customer and get them back on the road.

My testimony, one day I was out of town and my son’s car broke down about 8 miles from where Affinity Automotive is located. The owner came and met my son and tried to repair his car to get it back to the shop to further evaluate it. He was unsuccessful in getting it started due to a water pump issue. The owner went further and got my son’s car towed to the shop so the car could get repaired. I was very appreciative of the service and level of commitment the owner displayed. Without a doubt, I would recommend Affinity Automotive to anyone looking to buy a vehicle or needs vehicle repair. Just pop in and ask for Kelvin Noel or Jamoy Noel
– Fredo Barrot

I’m 100% happy with their customer service. I’ve never had any problems and neither has anyone that I’ve recommended to this shop. I’ll continue taking my cars to Affinity Automotive because I trust them and know my cars are in good hands.
– Atasha Holley


Does it matter where you buy gasoline?
Buy gasoline at busy stations to ensure you don’t get a “bad load” that has been sitting too long in a tank. Also, don’t buy gas at a station at the same time you see a delivery truck filling an underground tank–and stirring up impurities in the fuel in that tank.

How do you know how much air to put in tires?
Inflate tires according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended inflation pressure found in the owner’s manual or on places such as the door post and glove box door. As the Tire Industry Safety Council puts it: “Just because the speedometer in your vehicle measures speeds up to 120 m.p.h. doesn’t mean the manufacturer is suggesting 120 as a recommended cruising speed. The same applies to air pressure limits stamped on the sidewall of your tires.” Unless you load your vehicle to its maximum carrying capacity, using the maximum pressure listed on the tires will result in a terribly hard ride and may adversely affect steering control.

How do you protect yourself from being overcharged by mechanics?
First, use a repair facility with a good reputation. Then get a written estimate of repair costs before giving your consent to have work performed. If the facility finds more work is needed that would increase the cost of the original estimate, get an estimate for the extra work before consenting to have it performed. You should receive written invoices that list repairs performed, parts prices and the cost of labor. You may request the return of replaced parts, unless they must be returned to the manufacturer to satisfy a warranty or exchange agreement.

Is 93-octane gasoline only for race cars?
No. A fair number of vehicles have high-performance engines that call for 93-octane gasoline. But most do fine with 87- or 89-octane fuel. Sometimes older engines need all the help they can get. The higher the compression ratio with older cars, the more need for a higher-octane fuel. If the car performs better with 93-octane, use that grade of gas. It won’t hurt the engine. Race cars? They like 100-plus octane fuel.

How much extra fuel is burned when using air conditioning?
It is estimated that the use of air conditioning in a typical car reduces fuel economy by one to two miles per gallon. For larger cars, or when traveling in extreme heat, air conditioning cuts fuel economy up to four miles per gallon.

What should you do if the engine temperature gauge begins rising during rush-hour traffic?
Don’t panic. Give the car a little gas to let it rid itself of some engine heat. Turn on the heater, which will draw heat from the engine. If the gauge is firmly in the danger zone, pull to the side of the road and let the motor cool. Most cars shouldn’t overheat–so have the cooling system checked. The problem could be anything from a clogged radiator core to low engine coolant to an inoperable radiator fan.

Should you turn your car off when stopped for extended periods?
A car engine shouldn’t be left idling unnecessarily for more than a minute. It takes less fuel to start a car than it takes to let it idle while waiting, say, for a long freight train to passCTA2